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DTE Stage I PCM Performance Upgrade

As many of you know, we have been utilizing CTSVLS6's (Paul's) 2004 CTS-V for product development/engineering of DTE's own line of performance products and services specifically designed for this vehicle platform.

We have spent the better portion of this last week developing a chassis dyno derived performance PCM calibration upgrade where the calibration was written using engine operating data obtained from the chassis dyno and from extensively driving the car in real-world conditions that the average customer may encounter from day to day. This calibration is compatible with either 91 or 93 octane pump fuel and the testing/engineering was just recently finalized.

There will be a long line of future performance PCM calibration upgrades for some of our packages yet to be released, so we've named this first one the Stage I Performance PCM Upgrade Package.

Currently it's available for the 2004-'05 model year vehicles with M/T and either Fed. or CA. emission regulations. This upgrade is made available to you via mail-order, or you may come by the shop to have the upgrade done for you here at DTE. This first PCM upgrade package is specifically written for a 100% stock vehicle and the drivability and power provided by this upgrade can be felt all over the powerband, cruising and at idle speeds. Additional stages of PCM calibration upgrades for use with cold-air kits and high flow air filters will follow later on this week, for which everyone will be made aware.

Below are some figures we've documented from those tests and all subsequent dyno pulls were finalized on the same day, by myself personally, with the engine temps within 3* either way of the run preceding it. All control conditions varied by about 1% +/- throughout the testing session. Three pulls were made for each respective change for accuracy and the highest of the three was recorded.

This particular day's conditions were not as good as the first day when baselines were collected; however more power was still refined/increased over stock despite this weather condition handicapp. Finally, this calibration was written operating the vehicle in actual normal operating conditions that would commonly be found in every day, go to work/in-town type driving.

Dyno Cell and Vehicle Control Conditions:
Ambient temp- 74.1*
Absolute Barometric Pressure- 29.67 in./Hg
Vapor pressure- .075 in./Hg.
Rear Tire Rollout Ratio- 49.15 RPM/MPH
SAE Correction Factor- .98
Rear Tire Pressure- 32 psi
Engine/drivetrain temp.- 198*
Vehicle Mileage- 7341.0

340.6 RWHP/338.6 RWTQ

DTE Stage I Performance PCM Upgrade:
352.2 RWHP/347.3 RWTQ

Refinements Include:
- CAGS deleted electronically. (removes function AND turns off annoying dash light all at once)
- Quicker wide open throttle activation
- Reduced engine operating temperature range from O.E. Now 195*-205* (O.E. 215*-233*)
- No A/C drag when WOT is selected and A/C is on. (You now don't have to turn off the A/C to get maximum power at WOT)
- Idle quality smoother
- ZERO detonation
- Compatible with 91 or 93 octane fuels
- Annoying "popping" sound from exhaust eliminated on decel and during shifts
- Accurate fuel and spark curves
- Removal of speed limiter
- Emission compliant
- +2 MPG increase with highway cruising
- 12 RWHP/9 RWTQ gain over stock

Chassis Dyno Graph:

This a mail-order calibration, so you are required to send DTE your PCM for the upgrade and turn-around time is only 1 day from the time we receive your PCM. Return shipping from DTE back to you is INCLUDED in the price and all outgoing PCM's from DTE carry full replacement shipping insurance.

Stage I Performance PCM Upgrade- $299

Orders can be placed by calling the office at (260)407-5455 anytime during regular business hours and if you have a specific questions about this, or anything else, please contact me directly at ext. 11. Thank you gents and happy motoring.

Best Regards,
Phil Rickard, President
Dynotech Engineering, Inc.

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