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Originally Posted by rodinoma View Post
Thanks for that Harry. I did not realise that they had given the European export Cadillacs a higher speed limit. Last month's Motor Trend magazine has Angus MacKenzie (the editor) driving a US version XLR V in Europe with the speed limiter taken off. When I get my STS V to Europe I will add it to my '07 Escalade and '97 STS already over here.

I also love Corvettes - I have two of them - an '00 Coupe and an '08 Coupe. The first is a European export version and the second is a US version which will also be coming to Europe. I also own a Smart, but I dont talk much about that one.

These cars really dont work as well in the US as they do in Europe - what with their performance capabilities and the moronic speed limits in the US. And you also know that Europeans are fascinated by big V8 US-built cars. I cant get enough of them myself.
Yeah, Corvettes I`ve owned a 98 C5 Coupe, a 01 vert auto and a 02 vert 6 speed loved all of them and had no troubles with one of them, great cars!!!!

My XLR or STS is not higher speed limited then US versions, it doesn`t have a speed limiter, here in Germany we say they are "open".

In Sept.07 we brought my daughters 06 GTO here to Germany, had some troubles with the german TÜV but after about 2 months we got it through
the TÜV. I´t`s not expensive but I realy love to drive this machine. When you start it you get the sound of the 60s muscle cars and the LS2 is a fantastic engine.

You are right, we love this american V8s!!!!!!!!

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