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The PS2's lasted me just under 1 year (13K) but that included 6 (road course) track days.
The car was my WRX which shreds front tires badly on track days.
If I just did normal street driving, I'm sure they would have lasted roughly twice as long.

I have fond memories of the PS2's because they are the best wearing, most comfortable, quietest, street performance tires I ever had.
No downside except for cost.
On a high end car where comfort and high-performance are equally important there is no other way to go.
No one who gets PS2's for street use is anything less than blown away.
We all know there are better track oriented tires.

I honestly woud get a set of PS2's for the V myself, but I scored a spare set of new F1's on ebay.
Aside from that, if I was to go away from F1's, it would be for Potenza RE-01R.

I have a theory on the F1 tire wear.
I was noticing heavy outer edge tire wear.
I now run -1.5 deg camber and zero toe, which is guaranteed to improve tire life by providing more even wear.

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