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How quick is my cts-v

I always get confused when Im asked how quick my car(s) are. I dont know if they are referring to the 0-100 kph or the top speed. My only interest is the top speed and I don't know yet. According to the manufacturer specs, the top speed of the autobox CTS-V is 283 kph and the top speed of the manual is 311 kph. I comfortably reach 275 kph on the autostrade and autobahns and autopiste but not have gone beyond that so I am not sure I know where the electronic tether really is. I suspect that another 8 clics will get me over the top but it will have to wait for a quiet Sunday early in the morning because of heavy traffic in the rest of the day. And interestingly, if you were to think and ask, why not take it out at 3am and blast it in Germany, that would be against the law in some of the less trafficked highways. Why? Because the highway authorities dont want drivers doing stupid things when they are tired/had been drinking/and it is nighttime driving at top speed. So you will see signs that say unlimited speeds (except between 2200-0600 every day. Eminently logical and practical - and responsible which is why the Germans get to enjoy their cars at the speeds at which they have been engineered and the rest of us are treated like children.
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