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Wheel hop and rear differential problems

My wife and I have had our 2005 CTS-V since february 05, and we recently had to have the rear end replaced, at 10000 miles. noticed the problem on our honeymoon. I have raised issues on the wheel hop, and we are having other issues as well. The radio unit has some software issues that make it display the wrong track, and stick on that track until the user pushes a button. the radio displays the wrong station number while you are listening to it. the dealer service department cannot recreate the problems, but we have the problems on video and have shown this to the head mechanic. the rear end 2000 miles after being replaced needed a new pinion seal.

the tranny makes a clunking noise when dissengaging.

the wheels really hop badly under hard acceleration.

there is now a vibration from 75-85 mph, that they claim is due to worn out tires. the tires should have a few thousand miles left on them, and look to be fine.

the user settings flip flop from one to the other, ie key fob 1 gets key fob 2's settings, and vice versa.

our dash lights flicker at night, while the car is not moving, and while going down the road at highway speeds.

Charles S.
2005 Burgundy CTS-V
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